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Ep. 96: Interview: Abby Denson & Matt Loux

This week on Mangasplaining we talk to one of the creators who’s been making manga-influenced comics since the early 2000s, Abby Denson, and a creator whose recent work perfectly encapsulates a life spent soaking in Japanese popular culture, Matthew Loux. The kicker? They’re married, too! They’re also great boosters of...

Pure TokyoScope with Matt Alt and Patrick Macias 9

Ep. 91 – Mangasplaining x Pure Tokyoscope: Podcast Gattai!

This week, Mangasplaining has its first official crossover episode with ANOTHER podcast, as Deb and Christopher interview the hosts of Pure Tokyoscope, Patrick Macias and Matt Alt! These esteemed gentlemen have long histories in North America’s manga and anime industries and boy, do they have stories to share. Besides talking...

Pretty Deadly 1

Ep. 53: Interview with Emma Rios

Check it out! It’s a special-edition, remastered, upgraded re-release with bonus material episode of Mangasplaining! As a special bonus this week, we bring you David Brothers’ complete interview with Emma Ríos! They talk about Gundam (a LOT!), plus talk about comics and movies and life. It’s a nice time, check...