MANGA: Wandering Cat’s Cage, by Akane Torikai

MSX: Mangasplaining Extra is proud to present WANDERING CAT’S CAGE, a two-volume manga by Akane Torikai (Sensei’s Pious Lie) that is serializing now at Available every other week for paid subscribers, this manga covers a near-future(?) world in which men have disappeared, reproductivity is controlled by the state, and fleeing to live in the slums may be your only hope at living a “normal” life.

You can check out this manga for free as Chapter 1 (Book One, Ch. 1) and Chapter 8 (Book Two, Ch. 1) are both free to read without a subscription.

Read now: Chapter 01 (Free) | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | Chapter 08 (Free)

This title is being serialized on Mangasplaining Extra, and will be released in a compiled volume by Fantagraphics Inc. in 2024.

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