Monthly Archive: February 2021


Episode 2: Delicious in Dungeon Vol 1

It’s time for the second episode of MANGASPLAINING! In this episode Chip is introduced to action and food manga Delicious in Dungeon, by Ryoko Kui. Does he like it? Deb, Christopher, and this week’s host David, will find out! Thanks to D.A.D.S. for the music and support your local comic and...


Episode 1: Akira Vol 1

It’s the first episode of Mangasplaining, the podcast where we make Chip Zdarsky Read Great Manga to see what he thinks! Featuring Chip, Deb Aoki, David Brothers, and this episode’s host Christopher Butcher. So what did Chip think of the legendary manga classic Akira? Listen to find out!


The Mangasplaining Podcast

The Mangasplaining podcast is a weekly manga-themed podcast in which hosts Deb Aoki, David Brothers, and Christopher Butcher, suggest great manga for comics creator Chip Zdarsky to read for the first time. Want to read great manga along with us? Here’s what we’ll be reading: Ep. 25: AKIRA Vol 2, by Katsuhiro...