Upcoming Manga Reads

Want to read great manga along with us? Here’s what we’ll be reading:

Ep. 9: 7 Billion Needles Vols 1-4, by Nobuaki Tadano. Published by Vertical Inc. (Apr 13)
Ep. 10: Tekkon Kinkreet, by Taiyo Matsumoto. Published by VIZ Media. (Apr 20)
Ep. 11: Fullmetal Alchemist, by Hiromu Arakawa. Published by VIZ Media. (Apr 27)
Ep. 12: Oishinbo, by Tetsu Kariya and Akira Hanasaki. Published by VIZ Media. (May 4)
Ep. 13: Beastars, Vol 1, by Paru Itagaki. Published by VIZ Media. (May 11)

Find these books at your local comic/manga specialty shop or independent bookstore or maybe even your local library!

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4 thoughts on “Upcoming Manga Reads

  1. Hey F4:
    Really been enjoying all the episodes so far. It’s great to hear from someone like Chip who is (was) new to manga. One thing I would like to hear a bit is how or when (a) western comics (art style or story telling) compares. The reason is tried as I might, I am unable to enjoy most “main stream” superhero western comics. Something in the way it is drawn, paneled, or themed almost always put me either to sleep (except great indies like Love and Rocket, Bone, or the recent anthology Flight), or worse, a chore (to this date I could not finish reading Miller’s Ronin, V for Vendetta, and especially Watchmen which I found grossly pretensious). However, I do recognize the history and power of all the great artists from Kirby to Dave Stevens. Can someone especially like David or Chip who works within the industry, enlighten or recommend something within western comics that compares favorably to the manga title of discussion? (It doesn’t have to be full frontal defense. I’m not looking for an argument; just something to help me keep my mind open)

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