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Ep. 107: Nejishiki, by Yoshiharu Tsuge

Diving into the world of Gekiga this week, with the recently released Nejishiki by Yoshiharu Tsuge! Featuring one of the most well-known and important works of Tsuge, ‘Screw Style’, this reprint series has been long-awaited by art comix and manga fans and collectors. But how will the Mangasplainers react to...


Ep. 30: An Invitation From a Crab, by panpanya

A doozy of an episode! We talk about Panpanya’s An Invitation from a Crab, our first ‘alternative’ manga on the podcast. Then Christopher interviews Ko Ransom, the translator for this comic in a new “Mangasplaining: Listen to Me!” segment. Finally, we get a question about overwork in the manga industry...