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Ep. 113: The Best of Season 4

What a season it’s been! Lasting basically the entirety of 2023, we covered a ton of great manga, from the popular anime-fueled hits of the day to the obscure and wonderful titles hiding on shelves across the world. So what were our faves? What are the manga for YOU, the...


Ep. 110: The Yakuza’s Bias, by Teki Yatsuda

See what happens when a stoic yakuza gets sucked into the world of K-Pop in The Yakuza’s Bias, a hilarious culture clash between the manly men of the mob and glamly men of Korean boy bands. BUT WILL CHIP LIKE IT TOO? Find out! Powered by RedCircle Listen, Subscribe, and...


Ep. 8: Way of the Househusband Vol 1

Sure, the anime adaptation of the absolutely hilarious Yakuza-comedy Way of the Househusband makes its anime debut on Netflix later this week, but wouldn’t you like to be like us? The people who read the manga first, so you can also say that you were into it BEFORE it was...