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Ep. 113: The Best of Season 4

What a season it’s been! Lasting basically the entirety of 2023, we covered a ton of great manga, from the popular anime-fueled hits of the day to the obscure and wonderful titles hiding on shelves across the world. So what were our faves? What are the manga for YOU, the...


Manga: “Body Tree” by Susumu Higa

This week on Mangasplaining Extra, we debut Susumu Higa’s complete graphic novella “Body Tree,” never before published. Created in 2013, almost two decades after the stories that comprise Higa’s Okinawa, this wordless comic is a harsh reaction to natural and manmade disaster, and a harrowing reflection on our place in...


MSX: Mangasplaining Extra — The weekly manga magazine for people who love manga.

Hello, and Welcome to Mangasplaining! The newsletter where we talk about manga, and also… publish manga?! It’s true!  Some of the folks behind the Mangasplaining Podcast are starting a brand new publishing endeavour under the Mangasplaining banner, the very first manga Substack! We will publish the episode show-notes you already...