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Ep. 94: Pop Team Epic, by Bkub Okawa

Out of the darkest corners of the internet crawls Popuko and Pipimi, the stars of the internet-based comedy manga sensation, turned nearly-inexplicable anime, POP TEAM EPIC. Will the jokes in this VERY 2014 brand of Japanese internet humour land with the Mangasplaining crew? Will Chip FINALLY like an anime? Or...


Ep. 35: City vol. 1, by Keiichi Arawi

The Mangasplaining Gang return to that most beloved of genres, comedy, to enjoy Keiichi Arawi’s CITY. Wait, they do enjoy it, don’t they? Listen on to find out! Powered by RedCircle THIS EPISODE: 00:00 Keiichi Arawi’s CITY Volume 145:51 THE BREAK46:00 Mangasplaining Listen To Me! David talks to artist Nick...