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Manga: “Body Tree” by Susumu Higa

This week on Mangasplaining Extra, we debut Susumu Higa’s complete graphic novella “Body Tree,” never before published. Created in 2013, almost two decades after the stories that comprise Higa’s Okinawa, this wordless comic is a harsh reaction to natural and manmade disaster, and a harrowing reflection on our place in...

Birds of Shangri-La by Ranmaur Zariya 10

Ep. 58: Birds of Shangri-La, by Ranmaru Zariya

It’s about to get pretty steamy on Mangasplaining, as the crew travels to an unnamed tropical island to visit with The Birds of Shangri-la, our first venture into verrry spicy BL territory. In this NSFW episode, we learn the ins-and-outs of more explicit BL manga stories, talking about genre conventions...