Okinawa, by Susumu Higa

The first project for our affiliated publishing line MSX: Mangasplaining Extra, Okinawa, by Susumu Higa is now available to order in print and digital from Fantagraphics Books, wherever good books are sold, including the Fantagraphics Bookstore & Amazon.

Translated by Jocelyne Allen, with lettering by Patrick Crotty and Kayla E.

978-1683961185 | $29.99 | 544 Pages | B&W

You can still read the chapters of Okinawa, by Susumu Higa, online until the end of 2023, on Mangasplaining Extra. Chapters 1 and 8 are free to read, with the rest being locked to subscribers. Subscribe today at

Okinawa, by Susumu Higa

Sword of Sand
FREE: Chapter 1: Sword of Sand [Link]
Chapter 2: Sands of the Setting Sun [Link]
Chapter 3: About My Mother [Link]
Chapter 4: Call of Sand [Link]
Chapter 5: Soldiers of Sand [Link]
Chapter 6: School [Link]
Chapter 7: Dirt Thieves [Link]

FREE: Chapter 8: Military Landlord [Link]
Chapter 9: Tolerated Cultivation [Link]
Chapter 10: Island Duty [Link]
Chapter 11: Homecoming [Link]
Chapter 12: Military Employee [Link]
Chapter 13: The Journey of Jim Thomas [Link]
Chapter 14: Mabui [Link]